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Swimmer Profiles

2013 Registered Swimmers
Annie Stanish

State: Utah

I grew up as a typical California kid with a love for water, sand and sun. I began swimming competitively at the age of 5 and swam at the collegiate level as a banana slug for UC Santa Cruz. My specialties were sprint freestyle and butterfly. After the college scene, I took a loooooooooong hiatus from swimming but always felt that something was missing. After several years as a stay-at-home mom, I got back in the pool and remembered my love for the sport.

Since my return to swimming, I have had a growing interest in open water. I feel I accomplished everything I wanted to in the pool in my younger years, but open water is a different world. I have done several open water events including the Huntington Beach Pier swim, the Great Salt Lake 1 mile, and the Deer Creek 5k, as well as competing in a few xterra off-road triathlons (because mountain bikes are fun too.) I have been welcomed into the Salt Lake Open Water masters team as well as earning my spot with the Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club, and have loved making new friends and learning from the more experienced open water swimmers. I feel I am ready to become a marathon swimmer and complete the GSL 8-mile race from Antelope Island to Black Rock in 2013. Letís do this.

< Sue Frehse

State: Utah

I was born and raised in Wisconsin. Growing up I loved the water and was always drawn to it. We had a summer cabin on a lake and much of our time was spent swimming and playing in the water. As a kid I always wanted to cross the lake swimming, but thought only a crazy person would attempt that. One day I will go back and make the crossing.

Growing up I swam for swim clubs and in high school. Also for a year in college. Over the years I swam on and off with different masters teams. I recently joined SLOW and love the group. It has really motivated me to try something different and get out of my comfort zone. With no other group would I plunge into the chilly waters of the Great Salt Lake to earn my Polar Bear status. My discipline and passion for open water swimming has grown and taken me to a new level. Last year I competed in the Great Salt Lake one mile event, Deer Creek 5k, Slam the Dam 8k and the New Years 400 yard swim. For 2013 my goals are Bear Lake 7 mile, Deer Creek 10 mile and Slam the Dam. I'm really looking forward to the challenge!

Michelle Poole

State: Colorado

Micki has been swimming competitively since she was a little girl. In fact she initially taught herself how to swim when she was 4. Now many years later, she still enjoys swimming, and especially in open water.

Micki is a former marathon runner who ran the Marine Corps Marathon 6 times in Wash, DC (1999-2006) before her knee got busted bad in Dallas, Texas in 2008. She cannot run any longer than 6 miles, so that made her get back in the water after she did not swim for 12 years from 1998-2010. She is her own coach for training for any OW race. She is very fond of swimming.

She is a former Gallaudet University Swim Coach, where she also swam as a college student. Her open water swimming races:

  • 5K Open Water National Championship in Wilmington, North Carolina (1996)
  • Chesapeake Bay 4.4 Mile in Annapolis, Maryland (1996 & 1997)
  • 6K OW National Championship in Windsor, Colorado (2010)
  • Deer Creek OW 5K in Utah (2011)
  • Horsetooth OW Swim 10K in Fort Collins, Colorado (2011 & 2012)
  • Great Salt Lake OW Marathon Swim 8.12 Mile in Salt Lake City (2012)
  • Solstice Swim 3 Miles in Longmont, Colorado (2012)
  • Catalina Channel Swim Relay in Long Beach, California (2012)
Will Reeves

State: Utah

Will took first place in this event in 2011, and last year although he was registered, thanks to the weather and the last minute change to have the race on Friday instead of Saturday, was unable to participate. He's back this year!

Will also has been active in the Utah Open Water community. Will has swam the Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim event since it started in 2007! He is a great leader/coach at the SALT masters club at the SLC Sports Complex. Will logged over 1000 miles for 2011 and 2012 in the USMS Go The Distance program. What a monster!

Stacey Schluckebier

State: Utah (Michigan native)

Stacey is fairly new to the open water scene, having competed in only the Deer Creek 10k last summer. She joined the Salt Lake Open Water team in February and has enjoyed swimming with many of its members. (GO SLOW!)

Stacey moved out to Utah in 2011 from Michigan and spends her free time enjoying the many outdoor activities that Utah has to offer. Climbing and hiking are two of her favorites, besides swimming, of course! She is extremely excited for the GSL race and can't wait to meet more open water enthusiasts!

Chad Starks

State: Utah

Chad has swam competitively since he was 6 years old with the Murray Aquatic Club. He also swam for West Jordan High School and qualified for state all years in the 500 free. He broke the school record in the 500 free his senior year.

Chad rediscovered his love for swimming last year and swam the GSL Marina to Black Rock event in 2011 with a time of 38:48 and also swam the Deer Creek 5K race with a time of 1:44:11.

Andrew Munguia

State: Utah

Tammy Taylor

State: Utah

Tammy found her love of swimming as a freshman in high school and enjoyed the peace that she found in gliding through the water. She identified that her strength was in long distance and endurance events. After high school, due to the demands of college and the lack of open water and a pool, she stopped swimming. During graduate school her love of triathlons led her back to the water. Tammyís main draw is pushing herself beyond the limits of what others see possible. In addition to triathlons she enjoys marathons, ultramarathons, trail runs, century and longer cycling events (LOTOJA), and open water swims. Training for Tammy begins well before 4:00 am some mornings in order to balance out her family, professional, and personal life. Her longest swim has been the Deer Creek 10 mile swim, which she loved. This summer she hopes to complete the Utah Triple Crown (Salt Lake Open Water Swim, Bear Lake, and Deer Creek)
Jarrett Killpack

State: Utah

I grew up in Missouri and started competitively swimming in high school. I came out to Utah for college and stayed around after because outdoor life doesn't get any better. About 4 years ago I started doing triathlons with my Dad and sister, which was my first exposure to open water swimming. I quickly realized that I loved distance swimming much more than the shorter distances. I also realized that the first leg of triathlons was the only part I really enjoyed, so this year I decided to cut the bull and focus on what I actually like doing! I'm excited to take on this challenge and swim my first open-water 8-miler.
Mike Killpack

State: Utah

Chris D'Souza

State: Arizona

I'm a transplant from the Great White North. I tell people I fullfilled my mother's dream when I became a Highway Patrol Officer. She would affectionately tell me to go play on the highway when I was a bratty kid. Swimming does not come natural to me. I started swimming after years of abusing my knees playing impact sports.

At the age of fifty I pursued and sucessfully completed a lifetime goal of swimming Alcatraz. Over the past two years I got hooked on longer more arduous swims. I completed the Navy Seal Frogman Swim and more recently the Slam the Dam Swim. I have two swims planned for this summer, the SCAR Challenge (Suagaro Lake) and of course The Great Salt Lake Marathon Swim which I hope to sucessfully finish.

Mark Spratt

State: Indiana

I started competitive swimming at the late age of 10. Joining the Davenport Swim Team was a ploy on my part to get out of playing another year of Little League baseball. I was really, really bad at baseball. My first swim practice was nightmarish. The water was freezing and the chlorine stung my eyes. I got myself a pair of goggles and somehow made it through my second practice. I didnít know it then but at that point I became a swimmer. And 47 years later I am still a swimmer.

I have been competing in open water swims for over 20 years. Over the last couple years I have been adding longer and longer races to my calendar. The 2011 Little Red Lighthouse was my first full 10K. In 2012 I competed in the 10-mile Swim the Suck. Currently I am training for the 17.5 mile Ederle Swim between New York City and New Jersey that takes place in August.

I am really excited to participate in the 8-mile Great Salt Lake Marathon Swim. I have always wanted to swim in the Great Salt Lake and I expect this will be one of my most memorable swims.